Kylie Cosmetics Hacks

I have made a terrible mistake. 

And by terrible, I mean brilliant. And by mistake, I mean highly calculated decision. 

When I refer to it as a ‘terrible mistake’, really I’m referring to what my wallet/ upcoming pay check/ family/ boyfriend/ dog would think of my most recent purchase:

More Kylie. 

I’ve got to hand it to her, the 19 year old glamour KWEEN knows how to market a business. 

Today, I walked away with two free (full sized) products of my choice having only spent $51 (USD). If I’d spent $75, I would have gotten three, $100 four for free, and so on. 

Regardless of how you negotiate this deal it’s a pretty good score for both parties, however allow me to illustrate how you may want to well and truly monopolise this deal to save some $$$

Sure, one way of looking at it is a free gloss, liner or metallic- but how about manoeuvring it into a discounted lip kit instead? 

Let’s say you want to get your hands on the Ginger and Maliboo lip kits, and maybe want to throw in a Koko Kollection matte single.

Whatever your choice, here is my advice:

Put all three shades as SINGLES in the cart. Then, you cash in with the following:

sourced from

Click on the “click here for free gift” in your cart and you can add both the Maliboo and Ginger lip liners for free. 

There you have it: discounted lip kits for all! 

On top of that, if you’re in the US and spend over $40 you get free shipping- why not spend that $14.95 us Australians need to pay on another cute shade? 

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