Making that vibrant colour stay without breaking the bank

Two words: 


While right now I’m sporting my natural brown, for quite some time I was getting around with a bright green mop of hair 

Picturegkfjbdcx.As well as a few other variations of pinks/ purples/ blue undertones and so on. 

If you’ve ever coloured your hair one of these vibrant shades, you know they often last a couple of weeks tops but I managed to make them last around two months before having to re-colour (the above images are about a month apart). Let me tell you how:

It pretty much comes down to this: wash your hair in cold water. Only wash it once a week. Invest in some quality dry shampoo and leave in conditioner. 

Really, all you gotta do is last through that first week feeling gross and oily. After that, your hair tends to adapt and produces less oil. For some people, it might take a little more time, but give or take it should happen pretty quickly. 

Sunday became hair washing day for me. I actually didn’t do it in the shower, because using ice cold water keeps the colour in better so I did it over the laundry sink (This also helped keep from dying the grout in the shower fun colours). Mainly it was just too cold for me! There, I would wash and condition, and then towel dry my locks. 

In between washes each morning SPARINGLY use a bit of good ol’ dry shampoo in the roots and leave in conditioner along the rest. 

I tried to stay clear of other products where possible because it just adds to the build up and makes your hair go really gross really quick, but hey, maybe it’ll work for you. 

I know doing it this way saved me about 1/2 of what I otherwise would have been spending and COUNTLESS hours so why not give it a try?
Any other tips you’ve got? Let us know! 



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