Sephora discounts/ samples/ freebies

It’s 2017 and my most favourite hobby of all still costs me literally THOUSANDS each year. 

So I’m here to help a student sister (,brother, and/or sibling) out. 

We all know Sephora is really great with those samles. All you gotta do is buy stuff and BOOM: choose your weapon.
Benifit Porefessional anyone???

But phase one of my ultimate freebie/ discount hack is this:

Make sure you are a Sephora member and signed up to good ol’ UNiDAYS. 

With UNiDAYS, each time you shop at Sephora you get a 10% discount (with a new code each time). 

As a Sephora member, you get fun discounts for your birthday and at certain membership milestones- but unless it’s over 10% I HIGHLY recommend you just ignore it for the purposes of this. 

Once you hit 100 points (or $100 spent at Sephora) on your membership card, you can swap that out in the rewards boutique for anything from lipsticks to face masks. 

The more points you have, the nicer the options for rewards obviously. However that’s not to say the 100 point ones are not worth it. Honestly, they are on average probably saving you a good $20-30 (*just a guess, I couldn’t be bothered doing the maths*). 

So ya know, it’s the little things in life. Students of the nation: cash in with those discounts and benefits. You deserve to be glam.

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