Beauty on a Budget: Invest in…

So I know this is going to start off by sounding like I’m not actually trying to save you money, but hear me out.

I have found investing in a few staple products that you might not think are all that necessary might help you in the long run.

Avoid reapplying and over-caking products with primers (I’d highly recommend Benifit’s POREfessional but if you’re not quite able to afford it the Sephora brand is great too!).

Honestly, this stuff really keeps your make up in tact, especially in extreme weather. Even just some for your eyelids to keep your eyeshadow on FLEEK is worth it.

Setting spray!!!! Guys! C’mon! I shouldn’t have to say this one!!! Even just a little hairspray if you’re really not capable of spending the money (although pleaseeeeee keep it to a minimum and don’t eat it/ get it in your eyes- stay safe).

Brow pomades tend to last longer than powders in my experience- if not just because you don’t need to use as much of it to get the same result. I use the ABH generally and yes, it’s a little pricer than powders but as I said, in the long run I save money for doing it.

Lastly, a decent highlight. Homies, trust me. If you spend the money and get a quality highlight you will be sporting a poppin’ glow with way less product than a cheaper one. Similar to the pomade, in my experience it makes the whole thing last waaaayyyy longer and is just all round better value.

But hey, this is only one human’s opinion and I’m curious as to what you think of these tips I have. Leave your thoughts/ tips in the comments for us!!

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