Beauty Hacks: Feel Good, Look Good

Today I thought I’d write about something a little different. 

For someone who has struggled off and (unfortunately mostly) on with mental illness, self care is everything. 

While it takes time, and works at different levels for different people, mindfulness has been proven to make a world of difference. 

Research shows that it can help with everything from anxiety to chronic pain.

Whether like me, you could be more mentally healthy or you just need a little extra push, the first bits of advice I’d give you is this:

Go for a walk. Even just around the block. 

Eat a rainbow of veggies. You’ll feel better for it. 


Try Smiling Mind.

Sourced from Smiling Mind App

Smiling Mind is a free mindfulness app that has been recommended to me by every professional I’ve seen and when I finally downloaded it I could see why. 

It’s not tacky, and it makes sense. 

It’s simple, subtle and doesn’t make you feel like you’re doing the petty ‘self help’ thing like some of the apps out there do. 

But why on earth does this have anything do do with my budget beauty blog I hear you ask?

Well my friends,




All these things put a glow on a person no amount of highlight can mirror. I don’t mean to be cliché but to be happy within yourself is the ultimate beauty. 

Sure, sometimes it can cost a bit to get a little assistance to get there, but it doesn’t need to cost anything to do the little things to help yourself. And of course I should note there are subsidised/ free services if you need it. 

What do you do with a broken leg? Fix it. 

What do you do with a dulled spirit? Brighten it. 

You are beautiful, friends. 

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