K.I.S.S.: what’s in my makeup kit when traveling

It’s harder than anything for me to keep my make up bag from turning into makeup bags when I’m traveling, but over time I’ve finally got it down to something that covers all the bases while still keeping it pretty minimal. 


I take with me the Smashbox full exposure palette because I can use that to dress up or down my look, and it has the multi-ended brush so I don’t need to carry around several of them. 

AESOP covers off my showering needs with this cute little pack containing shampoo, conditioner and creams. 

My toner water from Lush acts as a refresher on travel days, a make shift primer and of course, a toner. 

ABH in ebony for my brows. I’d say it doesn’t really matter which eyebrow product you take though as they are all quite small. 

As hard as it is, I limit myself to ONE lipstick and liner- it varies, but is generally a Kat Von D Bow N Arrow. 

My MAC blushes are quite light so I tend to bring those along for the ride. 

Sephora Collection concealers- a little lighter than the foundation and then a darker shade to use as contours. The lighter one I also use as a eyeshadow primer and just as concealer. 

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara does a pretty solid job, is light to carry and is better than lugging around eyelashes, glue and an applicator with you. 

I take Maybelline FitMe foundation Matte +Poreless as it lasts well and isn’t too big. 

Lastly my Physiogel Calming Relief Cream is a godsend when I’m travelling. I have dry skin at the best of times and using this nightly when I’m traveling keeps my skin in good shape.

I know it’s still pretty excessive, but if you’re a tiny bit obsessive and tend to travel for weeks at a time like me, this is a fair cull.

What do you bring with you?


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