Beauty on a Budget: DIY Teeth whitener

Good morning lovelies!

I don’t know about you but I have a real thing with teeth. Which is stupidly hypocritical of me because the only reason my teeth are as straight as they are is thanks to some good orthodontic work and braces.

However, teeth whitening seems to be a real thing at the moment. While this is all well and good, some of the products being promoted to encourage whiter and brighter smiles are quite pricey. Instead of dishing out crazy amounts of money, I’ve come up with a quick and easy DIY that works.

After a bit of research, trial and error, I’ve found myself a recipe for pearly whites that wont break the bank. For an added bonus- you probably have all the ingredients at home already! But be warned: it will turn your toothbrush yellow. I keep a seperate one specifically for this.


-two parts turmeric
-one part bicarb soda
-one part coconut oil

I make a small batch of it and keep it in the bathroom. It works really well, but obviously not as immediately as getting your teeth professionally whitened. Due to the abrasive nature of bicarb and turmeric, I wouldn’t recommend using this twice daily. I use it once every other day with sparkling results.


Shine on, beauties!



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