E.L.F. Mini Haul/ Unboxing

E.L.F. may just be the gift from god we all needed. With highlights that keep you poppin’ on a budget and primers that keep everything put for the day E.L.F. has it all for mere peanuts. 

Today I went out on a mini-haul. With great restraint I purchased a handful of products I’m yet to try and wanted to share with you my first impressions. 

E.L.F. Mini Haul Unboxing

 First cab off the rank:

The Daily Brush Cleaner 


My first thought with this one was the smell: surprisingly good! Honestly, this cleaner is verging on smelling like a perfume. 

When it comes to cleaning, I picked a particularly old, particularly dense concealer brush to try it out on. I wouldn’t say that it did an AMAZING job, but it did do the job. Granted, it is labeled as a daily cleaner and I’ve gone a couple of uses without cleaning this particular brush. No excuses here. I’m just lazy. 


On to product number two:

E.L.F. Concealer in ivory 


 I decided the true test for this one is a scar from a post-dog bite surgery I had around Christmas time. It’s still pretty fresh and as much as it looks kind of cool, it’s quite visible. 

To start with, I probably wouldn’t be calling this bad boy ivory. It didn’t do a terrible job of covering up the scar tissue considering I didn’t use anything to correct the colour. 

The shade is also a little off, but it’s made to match my face, not my arm. I’ll have to give it a go when I don’t have a full face going already. This concealer is just the right density, which I’m happy about. It’s unlikely to smudge around your face throughout the day and seems it will do a solid job of covering spots etc. 

Last but not least: 

Tickled Pink Blush


It’s mighty bright in the tray, but as I hoped  once applied this blush puts a nice soft pinkie tinge on the skin. 

I actually applied it over the concealer to mimic being on top of foundation. I was please to find that instead of looking like a cheap kid’s product, it was exactly the subtle shade I was hopeful for. 


So that’s my first impressions done and dusted my dears! Yet again E.L.F. produced the goods! 


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