Let’s Talk Cruelty Free!

A guest post written by Aundrea Castro.
Cruelty free makeup brands are brands that do not test  on animals to produce their products. Some say, “We do not test on animals, expect where required by law.” This basically means you can cross out any chance of them being cruelty free. 
So, let’s talk cruelty free and find out if this is something you’d like to do! 

1) Cruelty Free Brands

When thinking about or transitioning into a cruelty free makeup collection, there are a couple things to think about. One thing that causes people to hesitate on the transition is thinking that after getting rid of their non cruelty free makeup, they will hardly have any left. I, myself, was worried about this, especially when it comes to drugstore makeup. After doing some research, I found two websites that will give you lists of cruelty free brands from drugstore, high-end, and even eyelash brands. One being crueltyfreekitty.com and the other logicalharmony.net. I was pleasantly surprised to see that only 20-30 percent of my collection was non cruelty free. I will say, instead of chucking your non cruelty free makeup, you should use it up and replace it with a cruelty free option so that you aren’t wasting any money, just an animal friendly transition! 
So which brands are cruelty free?

There are many, but just to name a few:

Wet n Wild
Makeup Geek
Physicians Formula
Flower Beauty
Sonia Kashuk


There are numerous brands out there from high-end to drugstore that market mink lashes as cruelty free. I am unsure as to why these brand are allowed to call themselves cruelty free, when the mink fur is from a literal mink farm. Some may even say that they are free to roam around in peace, but that can’t be true because they would end up harming one another considering they are not so friendly. 
While we are on the subject, I just want to throw in one more tip. I am sort of new to posting reviews of products, so when brands contact me and ask me to join affiliate programs, it seems like an immense amount of pressure to say no when they refuse to answer if they are a cruelty free brand or not. Recently, I had two brands contact me and tried to avoid the subject altogether! If they avoid the question, it’s probably a no. You just have to make sure you put your own priorities before taking just any opportunity. 


3) Lastly, where do you draw the line?

 The last thing you should know about cruelty free is all about preference at this point. For example, TooFaced is cruelty free, but their parent company, Estée Lauder, is not. I, personally, would still purchase from TooFaced considering they are cruelty free, but that is something that you have to decide for yourself.
Well, that’s it guys! I really do hope this shed some light on cruelty free makeup and transitioning out of non-cruelty free products.
There is no pressure or judgement from me towards anyone who is not interested in going cruelty free, but I assure you I feel so much better every time I do my makeup! (Especially since my little dog is on my lap as I do it!) 
I hope this was helpful!
Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.53.16 PM
A very special thanks to Aundrea from @beautybyau for contributing this piece! FInd out about her here.


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