Vaseline Beauty Hacks

Vaseline is one of those products I have around at all times. It’s cheap, I bulk by, and I use it daily. There are about a million different uses for it, but here are three of my favourites. What are yours?

  1. Vaseline as a make up remover

    Not only does it make whipping off particularly stubborn eyeliners/ liquid lipstick a breeze, it leaves your skin moisturized rather than dried out.

  2. Easy-breezy mani/pedi

    Place it around the edges of your nails and then paint them as usual. Let them dry and then wash your hands and watch the polish around your nails fall off with the vaseline.

  3. DIY cream eye shadows

    Quick and easy as pie; all you need to do is combine a little of your favourite eye shadow with some Vaseline and it will glide like a dream across your lids. Make sure to use a primer to avoid creasing though!
    cream eye shadow

Tell us about your favourite uses for Vaseline in the comments!

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