Make Your Eyes pop: Invest in the Colours You Need

You know what sucks? Going out and buying a bomb ass palette only for it to completely wash out your eyes. It doesn’t seem to make any sense; the colours are so vibrant in the pans, they match each other well, they are pigmented. Yet somehow, you just can’t get your eyes to POP the way you’d like.


Well, I have news:

It’s not you, it’s them.


To really bring out your eyes, you need to use colours that compliment them. A quick and easy rule of thumb is to go across the colour wheel, but then how is it that sometimes you can make blue eyes look fly with blue shadows?


It’s difficult, but I’ve complied a cheat sheet to help you invest in palettes that will work, rather than blindly spending and hoping for the best (if you pardon the pun).


blue eye makeup


First and foremost: let’s start with blue eyes!


  • Try blue’s complimenting colour: Orange!

Peaches, apricots, nudes, golds, bronzes and of course orange-based browns work a treat!

  • Alternatively blues in softer shades than your own eyes work a treat!

So, grey-blues or silvers with a hint of blue with make your eyes look even brighter



green eye makeup


Let’s talk green:

  • Red is green’s partner in crime!

This means reddish browns, burgundy, rusty colours and surprisingly, violet and pink! Both the former shades have red in them, thus they compliment nicely.

  • Like blue, softer greens will brighten your eyes!

Grey-green and khaki colours work in your favour


brown eye makeup


As for brown, first try to work out if you have red undertones or yellow undertones in your eyes. If you are unsure, try experimenting with the shades for both options and see what works best:


Red undertones:

  • You want to use colours with a hint of green

Such as the grey-green and khaki mentioned above

  • Nude colours also work a treat

This is because, like blue and green, using softer shades of your eye colour brighten them!

Orange undertones:

  • Colours with a hint of blue!

Colours like the grey-blue and silver-blues mentioned earlier work well, however navy can also bring out the orange nicely.

  • Again, nudes are popular and look great!


hazel eye makeup


Last but not least, hazel; for this one you need to work out what colours you’d like to bring out the most on the day: green or brown? Once that’s done, it’s easy:

  • If you want to bring out the green:

Follow the rules for green eyes

  • If you want to show off the brown

Use the tips for brown eyes! (hint: if you have hazel eyes you are probably more likely to have orange undertones but still double check if you don’t know!)




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