Skincare Done Right: What and in What Order?

For a long time I spent my days blindly slapping skincare products on my face, hoping for the best. I get it, it’s hard to judge. What does it really do? Is it really worth it?


Well my friends, the truth is: everyone needs different products to fit their skin type. Thus, the list bellow is extensive and you need not go out and buy one of every variety if you don’t need it. It may however be beneficial to understand what might be useful to use, and in what order to put them on your face.

lip scrub beauty


  1. Make up remover

    Okay, this is one everyone needs. You may think a little water will do the job but I promise you that is not enough to properly clean your face. USE. IT. EVERY. TIME.

  2. Cleansers

    This can be particularly helpful if you have problematic skin. In removing all the dead skin cells and various other pollutants in your face, it can unclog your pores and prevent acne. Learn more about cleansing here.

  3. Exfoliators

    This one only needs to be used once or twice a week. I genuinely would recommend everyone get your hands on a decent exfoliator. You can get some good ones cheap: have a look here.

  4. Toner

    May be the most helpful product for oily and acne-prone skin. The short and sharp description is that toner shrinks your pores, but you can learn more about what it does here.

  5. Serum

    This is helpful for a range of reasons- smoothing wrinkles to dealing with some spots. Serums are like a lightweight moisturiser that tightens the skin.  Dr. Carlos A. Charles, founder of Derma di Colore notes that it has more active ingredients than traditional moisturisers and tends to leave out the heavier products in the latter.

  6. Moisturiser

    The main function of moisturiser is to protect dry skin. By locking in the water in the outermost layer of your skin, it will keep it from drying out. You can get so many different moisturisers that advertise different purposes but in my experience you can easily just use a cheaper version with the same result. For more info on the benefits of moisturiser take a look here.

  7. SUN!! SCREEN!!

    Need I say more about this one?


Now you are free to go forth and beat your healthy, bright face!


  1. This is actually such a great post for people just starting out with skincare. When I was starting out I had no idea when to moisturizer, tone or use my serums. Honestly so good! Great post! ⚡️


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