Mask Monday: My Three Faves

We all have our go-tos when it comes to skincare. For someone that has relatively 'problematic' skin it's no wonder that my three favourites are all designed to help unclog my pores.

While they are all good for pulling out oil, dirt and other impurities from my giant pores, each one of these masks are best for different situations, time constraints and moods.


I use my Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask when- you got it!- I only have a minute to spare. Given it literally works it's magic in a minute flat, and all you need to do is wet your face, apply and message it in quickly I often use this once or twice a week in the mornings before beating my face. It gets really warm and is a nice cozy way of waking myself up!

I've mentioned my Sephora Double Duty Exfoliator + Mask before. This one I use routinely on a Friday evening and I adore it because it's my one stop shop for multiple benefits!. Not only does it clear out my pores, leave my skin all glowy and smooth, but the shea butter in it keeps my face nice and soft. Bonus points for being sensitive-skin friendly!

Lastly my skincare baby from Lush- Mask of Magnanimity. Let me tell you this is like a God in peppermint-smelling face mask form! I like to use this in the mornings if I have a little extra time to spare (usually a Sunday) as the peppermint wakes up my skin and leaves me feeling overall much less sluggish. I've found this one particularly helpful when the breakouts are plentiful, but use it routinely anyway to help keep them at bay. The best thing about lush products is that if you bring them back five cleaned out pots/ tubes you can bet a free face mask!

What are your favourite masks? Do you have any suggestions for me?

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