Affordable Mink False Lashes

As high school and college students, we don’t want to be spending a huge amount of money for quality lashes. So many brands are selling mink lashes for around $30 dollars or more! Don’t get me wrong- they are beautiful but not good for your wallet or bank account! I’m here to tell you about where to find mink lashes for less than a fourth of the price!

The brand is called DODOLASHES.

Many of you have probably heard of this site or seen people tag them in numerous Instagram photos. With just a quick look and you will find they have many different styles of lashes that range from the natural wispy lash to the most full and dramatic lash you could get your hands on. There is honestly something for EVERYONE!


Affordable and Fabulous

Their price range is only between $5-$12, which I believe is a steal- even cheaper than drugstore lashes! Keep in mind every order that is $30 and over also receives free shipping, which takes about a little over a week to receive in the US. When I found this out, I immediately ordered a few pairs ( 3 mink, 2 3D mink).

Both the 3 and 3D mink lashes are beautiful and amazing quality.  Of all the ones I’ve tried, my favorite styles you need to are the D115, D309 & D105!

You’ll see above the lashes I’ve purchased myself, and don’t forget to use the code “beautybymarisaaa” for extra savings!

*this is not sponsored*


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