Just a 20-something Melbournian called GG who never has any money to spare sharing their tips and tricks to glam up life on a budget.
Hey there, I’m your friendly neighbourhood blogger Georgia!


As a current student myself, I can understand how difficult it can be to have such an expensive hobby: beauty.

That’s why I decided to start this blog- however goofily-titled it may be- and make it about tackling this struggle. While in the scheme of things it may be a small struggle, there is something strangely wonderful about beautifying yourself with new products.

I, for one love to play wth make up. When I’m not at Sephora or hiding under a mound of essays and deadlines I’m perfecting my wing, cutting my crease and adventuring around the world (with a giant bag of make up).

Here, I’m collating all my beauty-related tips, money saving techniques and discount tricks for you all!

When I’m not tapping away here you can find me writing for a number of other blogs. I love sharing my knowledge where I can and influencing others to get up and go! This is why you will find my name atop posts about beauty, travel, lifestyle and wholistic wellness.

So stay tuned and enjoy lovelies x



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